This State Is Allowing Residents To Identify As Non-Binary On Their Driver’s Licenses

In an enormous step for inclusivity, the Oregon Transportation Committee approved a rule this week that allows residents to declare their gender as non-binary on their driver’s licenses.

The restrictive “M” and “F” options will also include “X” for those who do not identify fully with either gender, Buzzfeed reports. Oregon is the first state to give residents this option.

A judge ruled people should be able to select non-binary as an identification option last June, which is what prompted this rule, Teen Vogue reports, and residents can change their licenses as soon as July 1.

Many are applauding the rule, finding it especially fitting since it comes during Pride Month.

“When we request approval on an administrative rule, it just doesn’t do it justice,” Sean O’Hollaren, Transportation Committee member, told Buzzfeed. “It’s fitting that this is before us during pride week in Oregon and pride month around the country.”

Oregonians were also largely supportive of the change, Buzzfeed reports. Of the 83 responses the DMV received from residents, only 12 opposed the new option.

Of course, those who do oppose the rule are taking to social media to spread their distaste for the progressive move. In the end, what makes a select few uncomfortable should not be relevant. This rule will allow so many non-binary people to feel more recognized, more valid, in our society, and the impact of that cannot be overstated.

We’re hoping that other states learn from this new ruling and follow suit, allowing non-binary people to be seen for who they are and who they identify as Β in every facet of life.

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