‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Alex Bordyukov Might Be Our New Frontrunner











The Bachelor and The Bachelorette scandals aside, you can’t deny that we have a fine set of contestants this time around. I don’t know how Rachel is going to be able to narrow it down when she has this many options to choose from. This group is definitely one to watch out for. As easy as they are on the eyes, it gets even better when you find out how quirky our contestants can be.

Alex in particular is one I’ll have to keep an eye on. His information on The Bachelorette page was basic at best, however after doing some digging I can tell you that Alex Bordyukov is as playful as he is handsome. According to the ABC Bachelorette website, he’s a 28-year-old Information Systems Supervisor. He also proves to be quite honest about his pitfalls after admitting that his word qualities are being selfish, unemotional, and unapologetic. Well, at the very least that makes for some amusing screen time, wouldn’t you agree? Not to mention I get chills when I hear him speak in Russian.

If you expected hundreds of gratuitous shirtless pictures and photogenic “candid” selfies, you’ll find more than you bargained for. Currently Alex runs his Instagram page with his friend Valentino J Smith. There, you’ll find a ton of short videos of them goofing around at home or at the gym. I don’t know what’s better: watching Alex court Rachel on The Bachelorette or watching Valentino cheer his bro on.

Come on, Rachel. Give that man a rose.

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