Currently Crying Over One Twitter User’s Amazing Journey To Finding Her Biological Father

Grab your tissues because this amazing Twitter story is going to make you sob.

Twitter user Chassity went on Twitter the other day to share a beautiful personal story about how she finally found her dad through a DNA test.

Might be good?! This story made me tear up and I’m not a crier. It’s good.

Anyway, Chassity starts her multi-tweet story by explaining why she ordered a DNA kit. After being irritated by her mother’s side of the family, she wanted to find some sanity on her paternal side.

She sent her kit back as soon as she got it and the results shocked her.

Chassity grew up thinking that her father wasn’t mixed, so she dove deeper into her DNA test after the surprising results.

She said she sent her mom a screenshot of her test results and asked her mom how her father could be half white if he’s “deeply dark skinned.”

Sending a sibling in to do the dirty digging is so smart. Sorry to all the solo children out there, but siblings get shit done when you just can’t.

Chassity’s sister got it done and her mom called Chassity worried because she was so upset about her biological father. Their phone call led to some major revelations.

WE HAVE A NAME, PEOPLE! A NAME! Oh, this story is SO GOOD. Chassity internally freaked out but also played it smart and got more information from her mom, including the fact that her last name was a lie.

With the help of her friends, she found his Facebook page and was shook about seeing a picture of her father for the first time.

She mustered up the courage to send him a Facebook message and waited for a response. I couldn’t even imagine composing or waiting for a response to a message like that. The suspense alone would just about break me. Luckily for

Luckily for Chassity, she only had to wait a day because the next day she woke up to this message.

CUE ALL THE TEARS. If you think this story can’t get any better, you are wrong! Chassity followed the message with a personal and emotional response to her father’s message back.

Living only 20 minutes away from each other isn’t that far. If you’re wondering if they’ll ever meet up, grab the tissues. They already have.

They’re so cute and look so much alike. Chassity followed the image with a tweet saying that they “text daily now” and she finally has her “father’s love.” This isn’t how most DNA test results end, but oh, how I wish they all did. Chassity ended her amazing story with some great advice.

Find your truth. It may just have a happy ending.

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