Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here & We’re Feeling Pretty Skeptical

I may be a Jersey girl now, but my inner New Yorker can never refuse a good slice of pizza. There’s just something magical about tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni coming together on thin crust. Having a party? Order some pizza. Staying in to binge some Netflix? Order some pizza. Going through a horrible breakup? Give me a large cheese pizza and throw in two tubs of ice cream. It’s just the type of food that you can almost never say no to.

In this case, we might have to turn down this pizza-flavored ice cream. Yes, you heard me. Pizza. Flavored. Ice cream. I know I said I could eat pizza and ice cream together, but to have them mixed into one? I can already feel my stomach disagreeing with me.

The Little Baby’s Ice Cream parlor located in Philadephia, Pennsylvania has created this Frankenstein’s monster of a flavor. I’m all for culinary creativity, but a line has to be drawn somewhere! I draw it here today.

The shop recently posted a cryptic-sounding message on their Instagram and Facebook pages: “Pizza: A Total Suitable Dinner. Pizza Ice Cream: _______.” I’ll leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

After its conception, it looks like some people are taking the trend a step further by forgoing their waffle cones and dropping a scoop of the ice cream on another slice of pizza. I for one hate cold pizza, so to say I’m skeptical is an understatement. But hey, if it’s up your alley let me know how it tastes.

Despite how my stomach feels about this culinary concoction, I won’t deny that Little Baby’s Ice Cream has its fair share of unique recipes. Aside from pizza-flavored ice cream, they also have earl grey sriracha, balsamic banana, cucumber dill and chipotle chocolate flavors. Don’t worry if you want to stay on the tamer side. They also have classic flavors to choose from.

Regardless if you’re a lover of the classic cheese pizza or prefer something fancier, it can’t hurt to give this ice cream a try. Worst case scenario you can always wash it down with some Coke and a real slice to get you through the summer.

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