This Viral Photo Of A Man’s Sunburn Will Make You Want To Bathe In Sunscreen Forever

Some of us brush off the idea of having to apply sunscreen once every two to three hours because we want our skin to roast and look golden. And we just think that sunscreen is blocking the sun from giving us our dream tanned skin.

In fact, we can still get a nice tan, even when wearing sunblock, but we wear sunblock for a more serious reason. A reason like this:

This man’s post on Twitter of his sunburn instantly went viral and people are freaking out about the cause of skipping out on sunblock.

“In all seriousness, put on sun cream. 2nd degree burns from doing a days work outside lol,” he wrote in his post.


Don’t be fooled, sunburns do happen when you don’t apply any sunscreen, even if you’re not heading to the pool or beach. Staying out in the sun for less than 30 minutes can do some serious damage to your skin. We tend to forget how strong the sun’s UV rays are and sometimes we don’t even feel a sunburn happening somewhere on our body.

Remember to always apply sunblock, even if you’re taking a quick trip to the grocery store for milk and eggs. Your skin will thank you.

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