91% Of Users Prefer People Who Do This One Thing On Their Dating Profile

Time to update your dating profile because there is a new study that shows what people are looking for. Hinge, an online dating app, took the time to analyze their user’s profiles to see what they preferred and what they didn’t. The results are shocking. It turns out there are some pretty major double standards on dating apps.

The main focus of the study was people’s vices in relation to attractiveness. Basically, they looked at how showing your vice, whether it’s smoking, drinking or drugs affect someone’s decision to match with you. There was one vice that people preferred¬†way more than the others.

Drinking as a vice was shown as 91% preferred over someone who doesn’t drink. The other vices weren’t even remotely¬†close. Marijuana as a vice was at 19%, while smoking and drug use had a measly 3% preference.

Donald Trump inauguration drinking game


Then Hinge broke each vice down by gender. Full disclosure: this report is super binary and only reports on males and females. The second part of the study focuses on how much men and women prefer each vice. Men are shockingly more chill about vices than women are.

Men who are non-smokers are 6% more open to dating a woman who does smoke, while women who don’t smoke are 46% less likely to match with a man who does smoke. The double standard for smoking also applies for drug use, except women are more casual about that. Women who don’t use drugs are only 26% less likely to match with someone who does use drugs.

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GIF Courtesy of Tumblr/i-love-weed-n-cheese

The numbers are interesting and may help you get more matches, but always make sure your dating profile is truthful. No one wants to end up on an episode of Catfish.

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