Lily Collins Opens Up About Embracing Her Body & Taking On A New Role

Let’s be real. The entertainment industry is often guilty of perpetuating images that create unrealistic, superficial and limited expectations of what “beautiful” really means.

Because of these unrealistic standards, the media’s definition of “beauty” can be linked to the prevalence of eating disorders that regular readers of fashion and beauty magazines or consumers of popular television programs see overwhelmingly feature thin lead characters and images.

While media’s negative impact on consumers’ body image is a well-accepted fact, many people overlook the pressure it places on the stars of the shows or models pictured on the magazine covers.

Luckily, actress Lily Collins is here to shed some light on what is feels like to be on the other end of the industry’s beauty standards.

In an upcoming Netflix original called To The Bone, Collins plays a young woman finally getting treatment for her anorexia.

For Collins, this role extends past the movie screen; Collins has struggled with eating disorders of her own due to pressure from the entertainment industry. Collins first opened up about her eating disorder in her book, Unfiltered.

Collins told People that it was not an easy decision to share her story.

“I did consider that talking about my struggles with an eating disorder would overshadow my accomplishments as an actor, but I also knew this was something I needed to do to move forward as a human and an actress. I needed to let go,” Collins said.

Since then, Collins has made leaps and bounds in terms of embracing her body image.

“I used to see healthy as this image of what I thought perfect looked like — the perfect muscle definition, etc,” Collins said to People. “But healthy now is how strong I feel. It’s a beautiful change, because if you’re strong and confident, it doesn’t matter what muscles are showing. Today I love my shape. My body is the shape it is because it holds my heart.”

The movie star will even be featured on the cover of the July-August 2017 issue of Shape magazine.


“I never dreamed I’d be posing in a bikini on the cover of Shape. It’s a complete 180 for me. It’s a magazine about what it means to be healthy,” Collins said to E! Online.

It’s been a long journey, but Collins now has a healthy relationship with food.

“I love chicken, fish and vegetables and grains like quinoa, but I don’t eat red meat.” she said. She also shuns processed foods. “I’m very farm-to-table; growing up in the English countryside it was a way of life, not a trend” Collins told People.

Collins even lets herself indulge in sweets every once in a while, telling People that she’s been known to whip up “everything from doughnuts to birthday cakes and banana-walnut bread,” she does admit, “there was a time when I wouldn’t let myself taste those foods, let alone make them.”

She also no longer feels guilty if she does not make it to the gym.

“I used to feel guilty if I skipped a workout in the past, but now it just means life is offering up things that I want to do instead. Those ellipticals will always be there but experiences won’t.”

We’re so glad that Lily has embraced her body and we can’t wait to see To The Bone.

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