The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Just Dropped & Aca-Believe It!

Though Pitch Perfect 2 ended neatly with the Bellas performing one last time as nostalgic college seniors, the newest installment suggests that their journey is far from over — though they are floundering a bit.

In line with many college graduates who will no doubt be able to empathize, the Bellas are struggling to progress in their respective career fields, and they all miss harmonizing together, despite the fact that their collective passion isn’t exactly lucrative.

In the newly-released trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, the quirky cast of characters reunite to play for the troops on an overseas USO tour. (I was not given this option when I graduated?)

The trailer also promises a film full of Fat Amy one-liners, Anna Kendrick’s signature dead-panning, Ruby Rose‘s mesmerizing face (rooting against her will prove impossible), and sightseeing — if not for the Bellas, at least for the audience; the trailer features shots of Paris, tropical beaches, and cruise ships bursting into flames as Fat Amy’s limp body crashes into lifeboats below.

The trailer also teases the film as “Last Call,” likely confirming many fans’ suspicions that this is the final film to close out the beloved franchise.

Here’s hoping Hailee Steinfeld delivers with another original song as catchy as “Flashlight” — and that the Bellas will be able to push off the real world for at least a little while longer.

Watch the full trailer below.

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