Alison Brie Is Tired Of Fit Celebs Lying About Eating Pizza & Cheeseburgers

Alison Brie is speaking the truth about dieting in Hollywood.

The actress, who is creating buzz with her latest role in the Netflix series, GLOW, spoke to Marie Claire about how playing the character of a female wrestler has empowered her in more ways than one.

Brie hired her former co-star Emily Blunt’s trainer, James Walsh, in order to help her get in shape for the role. She explained that she never considered herself much of an athlete, but just wanted to set goals and achieve them. The star gained the strength she wanted and said, “It’s empowering because it’s not about losing weight necessarily.”

“I’ve not stepped on a scale, ever,” she continued. “I don’t own one. I’m mindful about what I’m eating, but I hate when people are like ‘My favorite food is pizza and cheeseburgers and I look amazing!’ It’s just an interesting mindset, to think of food as fuel. I’ve had f**ked up food issues like most women in Hollywood; my whole life I’ve had a weird relationship with food. So it was nice to be like ‘I’m thinking about what I’m eating, but not in a psychotic way.”

The former Mad Men and Community celeb said that she can relate to the many actresses with body image struggles.

A month before shooting GLOW, the cast took wrestling lessons from Kia Stevens, a pro-wrestler, and from Chavo Guerrero, whose uncle helped train the original cast. Guerrero called Brie a “natural athlete,” but she humbly responded that there is nothing natural about her ability and said she had to work hard for a very long time.

After the training, Brie finds herself unafraid to take risks, which has improved her inner confidence. She says, “All the women on the show, we really were cheering each other on. We’re all walking much taller and holding ourselves differently in day-to-day life.”

She stepped inside the ring and now she’s on Netflix. GLOW is based on the 1980s female wrestling show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

With the release of Wonder Woman and GLOW in the same month, young girls are seeing some very powerful women on the screen.

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