The Internet Is Once Again Pissed At Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been receiving some harsh critiques from followers, yet again, this time for a picture she posted on her Facebook.

The photo, featuring the adorable Saint West, was met with backlash from Facebook users over the car seat that Saint is sitting in. Kardashian most likely posted the photo because her mini-me just looked adorable as ever, but fans called her out.

A law in California states that children under the age of two must be in car seats that face backwards, so users were saying that the seat should be turned the opposite direction for more protection, ultimately pointing out that Kardashian was in violation of the law.

The same law also states that the car seat can be facing the front as long as the baby weighs at least 40 pounds or is at least 40 inches long. Fans don’t know Saint’s weight or height so there really isn’t any proof that the reality star was risking the safety of her child. There isn’t even any mention of the family’s location, so she may have not even been in California when the photo was taken.

It’s likely that she was in California though, as this past weekend was her older daughter North’s extravagant¬†Moana-themed birthday party that put all of our childhood birthday parties to shame. The guests wore leis and were fed mac and cheese and rainbow shaved ice. Kardashian clearly loves her children and will not do anything to jeopardize their safety.

Many left their opinions in the comment section about how they felt about the safety hazard.

A user commented, “Needs to be rear facing. Ossification of vertebrae doesn’t happen until between 4-6 years. A one-year-old can be internally decapitated, which is almost always fatal, by just a quarter-inch stretch in their neck from an accident. Please rear face your children until they max out of the seat usually 40 or 50 lbs.”

One even went further and commented on a smaller detail writing, “I think I’m more concerned that both seat belt clips are open, meaning saint might be buckled in his car seat but the regular seat belt is not hooked around the car seat. I might be wrong, idk but that’s what I first saw.”

Some came to the star’s defense, saying, “Probably half the people commenting were probably front facing when they were a baby and hey look we all survived so let her take care of her own baby!!!!” and “I see the car seat police are on a mission! Typical putting their nose and opinion in when it wasn’t asked!”

Since no one knows any facts regarding any safety measures taken in the photo, there isn’t really any reason to hate on Kim Kardashian.

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