Norway Seeks Revenge On Vandals Who Cut Down Its Famous ‘Penis Rock’

Norwegian Police are on the hunt for the vandals that damaged a phallic-shaped rock formation.

Wait, what?

Trollpikken, which loosely translates to “troll dick,” was a popular hotspot in Eigersund, Norway. Hikers and climbers from all over would come to take a picture on top of the penis-shaped rock to post on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Unfortunately, as of last Saturday, the rock isn’t looking quite the same.

According to Norway’s TV 2, Olav Magne Egebakken was running past Trollpikken when he noticed that that rock was badly damaged.

“It looks like someone has used a drill on top,” Egebakken told TV 2. “This is vandalism, there is no doubt.”

All immature jokes aside, the person or persons who vandalized the rock could face up to six years in prison. As of now, there are no clear suspects, but authorities plan on continuing the investigation.

“The evidence is there and we’ve got pictures,” said Magnar Sandst├Şl, the acting police chief in Eigersund. He will be in charge of questioning possible witnesses and suspects this week.

Stavanger Aftenblad, a daily newspaper in Stavanger Norway, posted photos of the now-emasculated rock formation on their Instagram page. Upon closer inspection of the scene, Police surmised that tools were used to damage the landmark.

Eigersund Mayor Odd Stangeland made no attempt to hide his dismay at the loss of Trollpikken.

“This is simply sad!” Stangeland wrote on Facebook. He had hoped that the landmark could draw more tourists to the region. Judging by what goes viral on Facebook on Instagram, it would have been a huge hit. In a poetic moment of mourning, Stangeland said that it had been “created by nature” and was “sadly destroyed by humans.”

He might not have to grieve long, however. Contractor Sverre Garpestad told TV 2 that he might be able to replace the rock, provided he could gather the funds for new supports, bolts and helicopter assistance.

“We have the Viagra it takes,” he said jokingly.

To raise the money to fix Trollpikken, they turned to crowdfunding. As of now, Norway has raised about $20,000, nearly two-thirds of the way there.

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