YouTube Personality Ari Fitz Is Hoping To Redefine What A ‘Beach Body’ Really Is

Popular Youtuber Ari Fitz runs a fashion project called Tomboyish. The YouTuber “aims to tackle the way we see beauty and the way that we see masculinity and femininity,” and she’s doing it by shattering stereotypes.

First order of business? The lack of diversity surrounding “beach bodies.”

Fitz explains that she has recently come to a point where she is able to balance her own masculinity and femininity and that she wishes others would feel good in their own skin as well.

“As a queer person, as a woman, as a person of color, I feel like there are so many things in this world that wants to silence us, silence me, minimize me and minimize my experience in this world,” Fitz said. “What we choose to wear signifies that we are here, we are present and we are not going to be silenced, we’re not going anywhere.”

With Fitz’s current project, she has created a look book to showcase her style of androgynous swimwear. She wants everyone to feel confident on the beach. Mainstream fashion really only adheres to one body type and aesthetic preference, Fitz is aiming to break down the traditional representations of femininity and masculinity and create something that can help everyone feel confident.

Fitz believes that the beach is meant to be fun! The media paints a picture for us of the ideal way to look, which can make the beach a pretty intimidating place. “The stress and the trauma that people experience when they go to the beach is just like so unnecessary,” Fitz said. “The more I can do to just get that out of the way and make the beach fun again, that means that my job is done.”

Summer is arguably the best time of the year, nobody should have to miss out on such a fun time because society makes them feel a certain way. Ari Fitz takes her passion for fashion and uses it to make a difference and that is something we can all learn from.

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