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This Artist Depicts Disney Princesses As Parents & It’s Magical


Lately, illustrators have been playing with Disney princesses and giving them whole new looks. From giving them piercings and tattoos to dressing them as school girls, artists have endless ideas. We’ve also seen these princesses as opposite genders. But what about turning them into Disney mothers?

Well, this artist is already two steps ahead of us. Illustrator Isaiah Stephens is known for his unique and super eye-catching drawings and art. His most popular collections involve turning Disney princesses and princes into people we never even thought of. However, his most recent Disney princess art that totally caught our eyes had Stephens turning them into loving parents.

He made Belle breastfeed her baby, Ariel getting food thrown on her by her child,and even Pocahontas slumbering peacefully with her baby. If these illustrations don’t make us want to have kids in the future, then nothing will.

You can check out more from Stephen’s art on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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