Nike Nails Inclusion With Their Latest Promotion For Pride Month

Pride is winding down, but that hasn’t stopped Nike with their latest promotion for their BETRUE campaign. Nike is using the last few days to make a huge impact in the world during Pride Month. Among the Pride Month promotions featuring rainbow flags, Nike has gone the extra mile and has reached far beyond the competition.

All month long, Nike has launched their BETRUE collection, which includes Pride-inspired gear that will make anyone want to get into fitness. According to the company, the campaign itself “seeks to empower all athletes by supporting initiatives to end discrimination in sport.”

In their latest commercial, along with their rainbow-colored gear, Nike celebrates the last few days of Pride by featuring transgender athlete Lieomy Maldonado. If you don’t know Maldonado is, she’s considered the “Wonder Woman of vogue.” She’s most notable for appearing on America’s Best Dance Crew but has continued to shine as a force of nature in the dance community.

In the commercial, Maldonado is joined by other members of the LGBTQ community that gives off a vibe of nothing but strength and tells views to make their mark on the world. The video is all about empowerment and standing together in the face of opposition.

What’s even better is that Nike isn’t patting itself on the back for featuring a transgender athlete. You can read about her story on their site but the brand isn’t treating her as the token athlete of the month. All the dancing movements and visuals speaks for themselves. That’s one of the many reasons why Nike’s BETRUE campaign is making a huge impact and giving fans chills.

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