Justin Bieber’s Right Yeezy Is Selling For Almost $6,000










Justin Bieber is in the middle of his Purpose Tour and recently stopped in Frankfurt, Germany for the Wireless Festival. Bieber must have really liked the crowd and/or his shoes were bothering him but either way, the “Sorry” singer took off his Yeezys and threw them into the crowd. Yeezys in general are hard to come by, but ones that were worn but Justin Bieber himself are more than rare, they’re one of kind. Well, technically two of a kind.


Since then his right and left Yeezys have been separated but living glamorous lives apart. The right shoe just surfaced today on eBay for a minimum big of 5,000 euros, which is about $5,700 USD. For one shoe. Not even a set. You can’t even wear them anywhere. You just get to relish in the fact that Bieber used to wear and own this one shoe. On the eBay page it says that part of the profits will be donated to a local charity.

The left Yeezy has been living a more famous life as an Instagram star. So, if you want to live vicariously through Bieber’s Yeezys but can’t afford the right one, this is the next best thing. Don’t feel weird about following the shoes account because it has a whopping 6,317 followers. That’s a lot for just one shoe, but the content is so good.


Near or far, Bieber’s Yeezys will always be brothers.

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