Plus-Size Model Posts Candid Instagram About Shopping For Plus-Size Bikinis

Swimsuit shopping may just be the worst kind of shopping. It’s right after bra shopping honestly. There are a lot of problems when it comes to swimsuit shopping. For starters, the whole idea of having a “bikini body” is messed up. It implies that there should only be one kind of body type that wears a bikini, when in fact lots of bodies wear bikinis and just bathing suits in general. But for some reason, lots of retailers aren’t getting that message so their swimsuits aren’t made to fit different bodies.

The average woman in the U.S. is a size 16, so yeah, bathing suit shopping can be really frustrating. Plus-size model Sonny Turner took to Instagram to share her frustration of trying to find a bikini that fits and flatters her size 14 figure.

Turner’s powerful Instagram post has gained over 12,000 likes because she isn’t alone in her bathing suit struggle. She goes on to tell designers what bigger girls want and need from their bathing suits. Turner argues for cute and flattering swimsuits that don’t break the bank. She also mentions how most plus size suits are black, boring and far from trendy. And when a plus-size woman wears a bikini that is cute and fun she gets harassed for it.

It’s like plus size girls can’t win when it comes to swimsuits. Even though there has been more representation of curvy girls in fashion, there still seems to lack affordable and cute plus-size fashion. Everyone needs to wear clothes and have a bathing suit so just make them in all sizes.

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