7 Lyrics From Adele’s ’25’ That Are Perfect For An Instagram Caption

Adele has got the range and we all know it. The British singer is known to hit you right in feels while also being amazed at her talent. Adele is finishing up her world tour for her 25 album after starting it 15 months ago. Her last four shows will be in her hometown of London and are sure to break records. The tour will definitely break hearts because in the London tour program Adele wrote a handwritten note announcing that this may be her last tour.


Adele suffers from stage fright, which sounds crazy because she’s a singer and did 123 shows on this tour alone. In her note, she said that “touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn’t suit me particularly well.” Even if she doesn’t tour again, her music will still be amazing. To commemorate the end of her tour and maybe her last tour ever, here are some of the best lyrics from 25 that are perfect to use as an Instagram captions for when you want to mend or break some hearts.

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