The New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Rules Have Been Announced

After the investigation into the scandal between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson on Bachelor in Paradise, it was a surprise to many that they were going to resume filming for season four.

It is not too much of a surprise then that there have been some new rules implemented into the production and filming of the show.

1. Contestants must receive production’s approval before sexual encounters.

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Instead of holding very little responsibility for the contestants on the show, the producers have now been given much more responsibility. Contestants have to confirm their consent for a sexual encounter before it happens with producers.

This rule is particularly true for the infamous room in the villa that is available for couples to use when they want to sleep together.

2. Contestants are limited to two drinks per hour.


While reports that the producers used to force drinks on the contestants have been highly discredited, they are tightening up these rules even more.

Now, all contestants are allowed two drinks per hour and no more. The crew and bartenders are both responsible for enforcing that rule.

This was definitely not the rule before. DeMario Jackson commented in his interview with E! News that the whole cast was super hungover the first morning inĀ Paradise.

They are also making it a point to have food available at all times of shooting, giving the contestants the opportunity absorb the alcohol they have ingested.

3. Illegal and prescription drugs are not allowed.


In addition to tightening up rules on alcohol, producers @are getting more strict about drug use in Paradise. While there have never been any scandals in relation to drug use and no drug use has been shown in the show, it was obviously enough of a problem for them to make this rule.

Executives claim that the banning of drugs has nothing to do with the fact that Olympios claims she was blacked out during her interaction with Jackson, and instead is just an overall emphasis on having more control on what contestants do.

In an email sent from producers to contestants, they noted that all bags will be checked when they land in Mexico and even prescription drugs (i.e. birth control) will not be allowed to be kept by contestants and instead will be administered by the nurse working on set.

These rules seem like they are good, necessary steps in making sure that while the show is still as wild as ever, contestants are more protected and accounted for.

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