Luke From ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Starting His Own Coffee Brand Outside Of Stars Hollow

In the world of Gilmore Girls, coffee is such a topic of conversation it might as well be its own character.

Always dependable, obviously without milk or sugar and preferably in an oversized cup from Luke’s, Lorelei and Rori Gilmore’s coffee consumption is iconic and now it looks like Luke will start serving his famous coffee outside of Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls star Scott Patterson is channeling his inner Luke and starting his own coffee brand. Patterson announced the development of the coffee brand in an interview with Wealth Management. Patterson said the brand is almost ready to launch but did not give an exact date.

“Quality coffee is something that I am obsessed with,” Patterson said. “It’s the thing I look forward to every morning and throughout the day and throughout the evening and throughout the middle of the night.”

Other than the man who will be behind the counter and the passion for serving coffee, the brand doesn’t appear to have any other ties to Gilmore Girls. At least, not yet.

Last fall, Luke’s Diner pop-ups appeared around the country to promote the four-episode revival of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

Sadly, this endeavor will not be called Luke’s, but the creative choice of ‘Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee’ leaves promising hope that the cup sizes may resemble the oversized mugs from Luke’s that we all hold to dear to our hearts.

One thing’s for sure: it’s likely Patterson will find customers as loyal as the Gilmores.

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