Lady Gaga Is Your New Fave Substitute Teacher

Remember how excited you used to be when a substitute teacher walked through the door? Well, what if the substitute teacher happened to be Lady Gaga? Seems highly unlikely but then again, the pop star is known for pulling off the unimaginable.

Normally we see Gaga blowing us away on elaborate stages as she is suspended and sparkling from above, but this time she made jaws dropped in a regular classroom at Walter Reed Middle School.

Source: AdWeek

As AdWeek reports, Gaga surprised kids in class by showing up in place of their usual teacher.

Gaga’s appearance served a dual purpose: to “promote a positive learning environment” and to launch a fundraising campaign for her Born This Way Foundation and, which helps teachers pay for classroom projects and supplies.

“Not having materials at school is a real problem,” Gaga said. “That puts a child at a deficit. Before we fix that problem we need to acknowledge that problem.”

Her lesson plan involved asking the students to draw their future, what it looked like and what supplies they thought they needed to achieve their dreams.

Gaga said she wants kids to love themselves fearlessly and be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

She has partnered with Staples for the campaign, which has already donated $2 million to the causes. According to AdWeek, the Staples for Students program has uncovered stats that show 99.5% of public school teachers use their own money for supplies, which cost at least $400 a year.

Her guest teaching appearance was filmed for a new PSA to support the fundraiser but there was no script or storyboard for the shoot. Producers told AdWeek that they wanted to give Gaga the flexibility to be authentic and genuine when creating the video.

Gaga definitely succeeded. Check it out.

The PSA will be debut this week across national TV, digital platforms and social media through the back-to-school season.

In addition, the retail giant is running a contest as part of the campaign that will give away a $50,000 scholarship as well as a trip to Las Vegas to see a Lady Gaga performance and meet the pop star afterward.

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