Calvin Harris Apologizes To Taylor Swift For Those Mean Tweets

We all know that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift‘s relationship ended in a very dramatic way. Only two weeks after they broke up, Swift was spotted making out with Tom Hiddleston in Rhode Island. Then there was the classic post-breakup move of deleting all photos from social media as though nothing had ever happened. All of the Instagram pictures were gone along with any trace of their relationship. But then it came out that Swift helped write Harris’s banger “This Is What You Came For” and the internet lost it. So Harris lost it on his Twitter. The deleted tweets will live in infamy.×844/1498765726-syn-svn-1468426274-screen-shot-2016-07-13-at-120807-pm.png×484/1498765728-syn-svn-1468427473-capture-decran-2016-07-13-a-123044-pm.png

The Twitter rant was posted, deleted and then never talked about ever again.

Harris has finally opened up about it to British GQ. Harris says that he regrets the Twitter rant and that it was the “wrong instinct” to immediately lash out on the Internet. He told the magazine that he was protecting his only talent because he felt like it was being “belittled.” Harris wrote everything except for the lyrics, so his frustration is understandable.

Harris went on to talk about going through such a public breakup with Swift. He said it was “very difficult when something [he] consider[s] so personal plays out very publicly.” He said that he buckled under the pressure of their public media-crazed breakup and credits his anger to not being good at “being a celebrity.” Since the Twitter rant, Harris and Swift have mended their relationship enough to be friendly. It still seems like these two are “never ever ever getting back together” though.

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