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These Are Literally Just Some Instagram Pictures Of Peter From ‘The Bachelorette’

peter bachelorette cast


The Bachelorette star Peter Kraus wormed his way into my icy heart the moment he told Rachel Lindsay that therapy really helped him to get through the pain of his last break-up. Ever since that fateful moment, this gap-toothed prince has been smoldering his way through round after round of the problematic reality show, bonding with Rachel’s dog Copper, avoiding conflict with the over-the-top toxic egos in the house, and clarifying that he would be more than happy to move anywhere in the world for the love of his life (UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE WHO ONLY THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE UNEMPLOYED BECAUSE DANCING WITH THE STARS DOES NOT COUNT AS A JOB YOU HUMAN TRASH CAN.)

It’s Friday and you probably deserve it, so I have compiled Peter’s best Instagram pictures for your viewing pleasure. Gaze at him in all of his therapy-appreciating, dog-loving, peace-keeping goodness.

Here he is pulling off an eccentric — yet dapper — suit from his modeling days.

Motivation Monday… 2.5 years ago I retired from modeling to focus my life on my friends, family and business. I did however keep one very special client who I had developed a close friendship with, @j.toor_bespoke . Today business is stronger than ever before and now I actually own some of the one of a kind @j.toor_bespoke suits that I once wore simply for pictures, including the incredible jacket that I was honored to wear night one of #TheBachelorette . Long story short, take chances, follow your passions. Fine tune your focus and follow whatever dream it is that you may have, because the only person who can ever stop you from doing so is YOU. #jtoor #suitup #motivationmonday #liveyourdreams #thatjackettho😍 📸 @mr_seoulxvibes

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WCW! #unclep #bratfest #madison

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*inhales deeply*

Here he is taking a selfie with a baby, who frankly pales in comparison. (Sorry baby.)

Here he is posing like a damn Vineyard Vines advertisement, though we know he’s from wholesome Wisconsin.


And, finally, I leave you with a debonair mirror pic. Only he could bring class to mirror pics.

You’re all welcome.

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