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If you’re getting tired of seeing photos of your friends at a party you weren’t invited to, celebrities at a party you weren’t invited to, photogenic food you can’t eat and street art that all starts to look the same, you may be in need of some new accounts to follow to spice things up. You don’t have to settle for just memes anymore. There are so many underrated, hilarious accounts that deserve a follow, but here are eight that definitely need some attention.

1. @TasteofStreep


Who doesn’t love Meryl Streep? And who doesn’t love food? Why not combine the two? That’s basically the entire Instagram account. Steep photoshopped into an ice cream cone. Streep photoshopped into a martini. Streep photoshopped into Baby Bell cheese. It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite.

2. @QuarterLifePoetry


“Let’s avoid the bars tonight. I wish to not impose on the mating rituals on the mating rituals of local college bros,” writes Samantha Jayne, the brilliant poet behind this modern and relatable account. Follow to read about the struggles of basic millenials such as unpaid internships, Starbucks, ghosting and too-tight jeans in rhyme.

3. @SadTopographies


Geographically speaking, the globe is sad. You’ve most likely never looked so closely at a world map to see these depressing places, but this account does it for you. Screenshotting locations like “Why Me Lord Lane” and Hell for Certain Road,” there definitely isn’t a shortage of miserable places.

4. @livefromsnacktime


Kids say the craziest things! This account rounds up all the most hilarious and weirdest quotes from the tiny humans. They’re all anonymous, but guaranteed to make you laugh.

5. @sadanimalfacts


While it’s true these are a bit of a downer, the doodles and speech bubbles add some humor to the disappointing facts.

6. @flyartproductions


Classic paintings coupled with modern lyrics. Funny and slightly educational!

7.  @omgliterallydead


This one stars a skeleton named Skellie. As morbid as this may sound, this skeleton is livelier than most living humans and she’s totally serious about everything to lattes, selfies and fashion. She wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything she doesn’t consider trendy.

8. @collegecandy


Hey, we’re funny! And sometimes a little strange! Give us a follow!

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