This Blogger’s Inspiring Before-And-After Photos Show That Thinner Isn’t Always Better

We live in a society that holds thinness to be the golden standard, and many of us operate under the harmful assumption that the thinner we are, the better.

This is, of course, false for a number of reasons, and one 17-year-old fitness blogger from Georgia took to Instagram this week to document her inspiring weight gain — and why she is in a much better place than she used to be, both mentally and physically.

“Same shorts,” Tatiana, who uses the Instagram username @haitianqveeen, captioned the photos, “Different body. 120 to 155 in 3.5 months and I couldn’t be any happier.”

She goes on to detail her weight gain “journey,” in which she regained her self-confidence, overcame her depression, and fell in love with weight lifting and fitness. She went from being in a low place in her life to caring about her body and treating it well.

“I lost myself last year. I was going through too many emotionally draining things at once and eventually I hit my breaking point and gave up on myself. I stopped caring about myself, everyone else around me, my education..everything. instead I would just go days without eating and isolate myself in my room all day. Then around January when I had to hop on the scale for P.E I saw that I was 118 lbs. When I was originally 135. At that point I decided to get my shit together and gain back twice the amount of weight that I lost.”

Of course, despite the fact that Tatiana looks stunning (and so healthy) after her 15 pound weight gain, a number of Internet trolls emerged from the sludge-ridden swamp under their bridges to weigh in on her body, telling her she looked better before.

“The fact that I’m happy and that my mental state is in a better place is the MAIN thing that matters,” she fired back.

It absolutely is. The fact that she has critics at all demonstrates how far our society has to go before ultra-thin body types are no longer revered. Actress Lily Collins had a family friend praise her for losing weight to play an anorexic character for a movie. A viral tweet on thin privilege demonstrates that thin women who eat cheeseburgers are “sexy,” whereas plus-size women who dare to post any picture of themselves at all are “unhealthy.”

As Tatiana exemplifies, weight loss is not always what we ought to strive for. She’s healthier now. She’s happier now. And, as the 30,000 people who liked her Instagram demonstrate, her powerful message is resonating.

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