In Honor Of Lindsay Lohan’s Birthday, Here Are 10 Of Her Most Iconic Movie Moments

When I was 11 years old, I idolized Lindsay Lohan in all of her British-accent touting, electric guitar-soloing, chunky highlight-rocking glory. I asked for a cherry red guitar for Christmas for no reason other than to replicate hers in Freaky Friday¬†(“What if we got you an air guitar?” my dad pleaded.) On a family trip to Los Angeles, I scarcely blinked for fear of missing her passing by whatever discount family restaurant I was dunking my chicken tenders in ranch at. I memorized her Dance Dance Revolution routine in Confessions of a Teenage Drama queen with careful precision. I was, you could say, a super fan.

I’m also still rooting for her, because talent like tearfully hugging the British version of yourself upon finding out that you and yourself are twins does not just go away.

Happy birthday, LiLo! To celebrate, here are just a few of her best on-screen moments over the years.

When she was upset, and also British.

When she played Lola in the truly underrated teen film, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

When she needed her privacy back, like, yesterday.

When she drew some clear lines about the opposite sex while playing Anna’s mom trapped in Anna’s body.

When she knew her weaknesses.

…and what date it was.

When she was able to make a coming-of-age film with a Barbie doll heartwarming.

When she was dealt an easier math problem than everyone else at the Mathletes.

When she played herself and did a truly excellent job.

And, finally, when she took the world’s breath away with this performance.

Happy Birthday Lilo!

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