7 Food-Themed Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Mouth Water








A new ritual before eating a meal is taking a snapshot of it and posting on social media. It’s a way to show that you’re eating good and eating lavish. Or maybe you’re eating healthy, but I don’t know much about that. Some people take this seriously and have launched careers based on their killer Instagram foodie pictures. Stop scrolling through the #FoodPorn page and hit the follow button on these amazing food Instagram accounts.

Brunch Boys



You know it’s real when the food account has a little blue check. Jeremy Jacobowitz takes high grade shots of beauitfully plated food. Even his Instagram stories are worth watching. Sometimes he’ll post videos of behind the scene shots of him in the kitchen. You’ll be saving lots of his posts so you can revisit these delish pictures quickly.

Jonathan Cheban



It’s a sin that Instagram handles don’t have accents because it’s technically Foodgōd. You may know Cheban as Kim Kardashian‘s BFF but the social celebrity has been rebranding himself as the king of food, or rather the God of food. His posts feature decadent eats and he practically eats out every meal. So expect a lot of extravagant and decadent meals. Cheban is truly living large and when Kanye approves of your nickname I guess that does make you a God.

Hot For Food



This food account is a jointly ran by Lauren Toyota and John Diemer. At first glance Hot For Food seems like a normal non specific account, but actually it’s a vegan food account. It isn’t filled with colorful greens and smoothie bowls, but rather pictures of vegan donuts and vegan poutine. Bonus they also have a stellar YouTube channel where they share recipes.

Symmetry Breakfast



You haven’t seen food aesthetic until you’ve scrolled through Symmetry Breakfast’s feed. Every morning Michael cooks breakfast for his partner Mark and takes an exquisite mirrored photo of the food that it almost looks fake. They have a cookbook out, but no tips on how to plate your food just as beautifully.

Tastes Better Here



This foodie account knows a good Instagram worthy meal when she see’s one. The New York City native moved to Chicago and has been eating her way through the food scene. Be prepared for creative shots, melty cheese and dripping egg yolks. I’m literally getting hungry just thinking about this feed.

Earthy Andy



Mainly lifestyle and food blogger, Andrea/Andy has found a huge following on Instagram. With over 600,00 followers her pictures live up to the hype. She lives in Hawaii and is a vegan so her profile has some cliches but overall it’s a must follow. Her feed is a mix of food pictures and snapshots of her kids. They’re all tan, blonde and eating good.

The Infatuation



If you’re looking for restaurant recommendations this is account to follow. The Infatuation is the creator of the infamous #EEEEEATS hashtag for a good reason. With a mix between birds eye photos of tables and close up details snaps of food this account is truly the perfect blend. They have an app too if their Instagram isn’t enough for you.

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