Let’s Relive Taylor Swift’s 2016 Fourth Of July Party

Every year, we look forward to the multitude of celebratory holidays that not only help us get a day off of work, but that are also met with some very elaborate celebrity parties. There’s Kris Jenner’s extravagant Christmas shindig, Heidi Klum’s bizarre Halloween soiree and the mother of all A-list events, Taylor Swift‘s Fourth of July party.

Swift’s annual party isn’t necessarily an exclusive event (there are always a lot of confusingly unknown people in attendance), but it is filled with tons of Instagram photos, some fun attractions and a neccessary indication of who’s making the squad, as well as who has her heart at the moment.

If you’ll recall, last year’s event saw the ridiculous pics of Tom Hiddleston in an “I <3 T.S.” shirt as well as more Instagram photos than your parents have ever seen in their lives.

Luckily, it seems as though the Swifties have discovered this year’s part is a go.

Will Joe Alwyn make the cut? Will Selena Gomez bring the Weeknd? If so, will Gigi and Zayn be there for the awkward Hadid run-in? There should be a lot of drama this year with the changes in friendship and love over the past year, so don’t take your eyes off of your Instagram feed.

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