Kelly Clarkson Had The Best Response To A Body Shaming Twitter Troll

Kelly Clarkson has always been known as incredibly outspoken. She is honest about her opinions and has been open about her relationship with her weight ever since she won the very first season of American Idol. Her ability to be so candid is refreshing in a world full of highly edited and filtered celebrities and it continues to reflect in the duration of her career. But, like her fellow stars, Kelly isn’t immune from the usual mean trolls on social media.

Clarkson recently took to Twitter to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July, sharing her thoughts on the holiday as a day of remembrance for those who “fought for us to experience freedom [and] independence.”

This message was pretty innocent, but somehow was met with a disgusting response by a Twitter user named “Cliff Cherokee.”

Cherokee, using @Euger23 as his handle, responded to Clarkson’s patriotic tweets with, “You’re fat,” which is not only rude as hell but also very much irrelevant to her previous message.

Luckily, Kelly shut him down like a boss.

*mic drop*

“….and still fucking awesome,” Clarkson replied, reminding this troll that fat doesn’t equal a negative or correspond with being anything but awesome. Sorry, but Kelly Clarkson can’t find a single f*ck to give about your body shaming comments.

Twitter basically screamed with joy in support of her clever response.

If Kelly Clarkson is proving one thing, it’s that her honesty isn’t stopping anytime soon… And she’s totally right, it’s awesome.

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