You Won’t Believe How Much Selena Gomez Makes For A #Sponsored Instagram Post

While you’re debating which photo to post to get the most likes, Selena Gomez is weighing out her options as to which products to endorse on her Instagram for the most money.

HopperHQ conducted data analysis to determine the most followed and highest paid accounts on Instagram.

Many celebs and people with a high following on the ‘gram are approached by companies to use their platform for product endorsements. Gomez is no exception to this rule and it just so happens that wth her 122 million followers, Gomez is not only the most followed star, but also the highest paid celeb on Instagram, cashing in at $550,000 per post.

With 122 million followers and over 1,300 posts, Gomez has officially turned her Instagram into a successful business. Other celebrities that follow close behind Gomez include Kim Kardashian with $500,000 per post, Christian Ronaldo with $400,000 per post, Kylie Jenner with $400,000 per post and Kendall Jenner with $370,000 per post.

When it comes to Instagram, there is no denying that Gomez is queen. On top of her impressive following, Gomez takes the cake for most liked post of all time with this simple photo.

The fact that Selena Gomez could make an honest living off of Instagram alone shows that the A-list celeb is doing something right. Keep it up, Selena!

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