Amy Schumer Shared A Body Positive #NationalBikiniDay Photo On Instagram

Amy Schumer isn’t going to let anyone stop her from enjoying the beach this summer. Yesterday was National Bikini Day, so Schumer posted what many would say was not an Instagram-worthy photo of herself lounging in a bikini. The caption read “National bikini day! #wherewasmyparisfashionweekinvite.”

This picture is definitely one that most girls would keep in their camera roll and not post to their millions of followers, but Schumer isn’t interested in acting fake on social media or Facetuning anything. The comedian is known to not give a damn if she doesn’t look perfect, she would much rather make her fans laugh. Even Demi Lovato commented on the funny photo.

This isn’t the first time that Schumer has posted a picture in a bathing suit. In December 2016, she shared a paparazzi shot of herself on vacation and addressed her haters. She wrote, “Is it fat shaming if you know you’re not fat and have zero shame in your game?” Schumer continued to call out her haters by saying, “my deepest sympathy goes out to the trolls who are in more pain than we will ever understand…we need to laugh at the haters and sympathize with them.”

She showed her fans and critics that National Bikini Day is for everyone who owns a bikini. The annual holiday isn’t just for girls who have mile-long legs and flat, toned stomachs. This photo is the perfect dose of body positivity that we needed to see yesterday. Keep doing you, Schumer and maybe next year you’ll get an invite to Paris Fashion Week.

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