Lorde Is No Longer A Member Of Taylor Swift’s #Squad

Lorde has made some changes in her life since the end of her time away from the spotlight. Since releasing her new album, Lorde’s signature sound has drifted more into the pop genre. She recently discussed embracing being alone in her album, and it seems she’s made some changes in her social circles, too.

Last month, Lorde publicly apologized after she said that being friends with Taylor Swift was like acquainting yourself with someone who has “an autoimmune disease.” She mentioned Taylor again when asked about her squad in an interview with Sunrise, stating, “I don’t hang out with these people at all.” Her response comes as a surprise, considering that Lorde and Taylor have been to countless award shows together and Taylor even planned Lorde’s birthday party herself. Taylor also Instagrammed a photo of Lorde’s new album in celebration of its release.

“But hang on, you’re part of Taylor’s squad, all the magazines tell us,” interviewer David Koch commented. At this, Lorde cringed and said, “You know, you make friends in different places, but I think for the most part I’m not like, calling my idols for advice necessarily.”

Multiple other celebrities have commented on their actual involvement in Taylor’s crew, and their answers might surprise you. Hailee Steinfeld, originally assumed to be a part of Taylor’s squad, has also mentioned that photos make it seem like they hang out more than they actually do. Lena Dunham still considers herself close with Taylor, just not with the rest of the squad members.

It shows that celebrity groups can be problematic as they’re glorified in the media. While appearing to be empowering, they’re also maintaining exclusivity, what with all the reports of Taylor “extending an invitation” to celebrities. It’s easy for celebrity friendships to be taken out of context and there’s always more to a photo than we think. So, who remains?

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