Police Officer Accepts Girlfriend’s Proposal During London Pride Parade

I love reading a good proposal story, but this one might earn a spot on my top five. Who is the lucky couple this time? A British Transport Police officer and her girlfriend of five years. The hardworking cop was popped the question in the middle of the 45th annual London Pride Parade. In the background you can some of her coworkers congratulating the couple and snapping photos.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of being surrounded by colorful rainbows and having an audience of thousands of people definitely screams romance. Imagine the stories they’ll tell their friends and family later down the line. Friends and family of the couple posted photos from the proposal.

Congrats to Jane and Dizzy – Engaged at #Pride #LoveLivesHere #PrideinLondon #BritishTransportPolice pic.twitter.com/PuvUfWQAdu

— Hannah Eachus, look it's the hire me ✏️ (@HannahEachus) July 8, 2017

The lovely couple chose to remain anonymous, however the British Transport Police did confirm that one of their officers indeed got engaged during the parade. They also shared a video of the proposal on Twitter. Since its posting, the video quickly went viral.

She said YES!

Congratulations ❤️💍#LoveHappensHere pic.twitter.com/bAmZABMMzD

— British Transport Police (@BTP) July 8, 2017

The London Pride Parade has been going on for 45 years now. More than 26,000 people marched in the event and had the highest attendance rate compared to previous years, according to The Evening Standard. That’s not including the crowds of people that watched the colorful floats and dancers. The parade also served to celebrate the 50th anniversary of legalized homosexuality in the U.K.

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