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Someone Actually Formed An Election Campaign Committee For Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


Last May, Dwayne Johnson told GQ that running for political office was a “real possibility.” He also told GQ that he’d “like to see better leadership” coming from Donald Trump and his administration. While some fans are hoping for Trump’s impeachment, there are others who already have their eyes on the 2020 election and they’re taking some pretty big steps.

Fans want Dwayne Johnson to run for president so badly that they’ve create an election campaign committee for him, hoping this will persuade him to get into the political ring. The campaign committee was filed through the Federal Election Commission (FEC) yesterday and lists a Kenton Tilford as the person who pushed for the committee.

While Johnson has yet to comment on the filing, Twitter is having a field day, using #DwayneTheSwamp as the official hashtag.

Whether or not Dawyne Johnson says yes to running for office, it’s pretty clear that the fans think he’s more than qualified.

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