These Strangers Kept Up A Joke On Tinder For Three Years & It’s Finally Paying Off

Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec are seniors at Kent State University and matched on Tinder three years ago. In 2014, the two matched and Avsec made the first move. Little did he know that his message would snowball into this crazy story. He told BuzzFeed News, “At the time I had matched with a whole bunch of girls and I took it as a joke. I sent [them] some pretty humorous lines and then I bumped into Michelle. She seemed a little different, so I sent her something different.”

In September 2014, Avsec messaged Arendas, “Hey Michelle.” Very innocent message. Arendas messaged him back a little over two months later in November, “Hey sorry my phone died!” From there, the joke was born. Every few months the two would jokingly send each other messages on why it’s taken them so long to get back to one another. The exchanges are hilarious and have been going on for three years!!! For three years they’ve had this joke and have never met before.

They are both shocked that either one of them stuck with the joke for so long. But neither of them wanted to be the first to break it. Arendas is surprised he even messaged her back after her first response, “I was not really expecting he would message me back and play along with it. I thought my message to him would be the end of it.”

Last Friday, Avsec posted their Tinder messages on Twitter thinking nothing would come from it. Within a few hours it has hundred of retweets and someone tagged Arendas. She responded to his tweet hilariously.

Avsec then slide into her DMs and they exchanged numbers and have been actually talking to each other. They both can’t believe the attention they are getting from their hilarious exchange. “I thought it would be interesting to meet up with him but I didn’t want to be the one that gave in, and broke the joke,” Arendas said. “But I was interested.”

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They have gotten so much attention that even Tinder saw their messages and is giving the two of them “24 hours to decide the city you want to have your first date in and we’ll send you there!” UM WHAT. This is legitimately a 21st century fairy tale. The couple picked Hawaii and Tinder is sending them out to Maui soon.

Let’s hope this is happily ever after for these two.

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