There’s An Island Where You Can Lay On The Beach & Play With Rescue Puppies

Imagine vacationing on an island, sitting on a white sandy beach, swimming in the clear blue ocean with the sun shining down on you. What more could you want? What more could you need?! I don’t know, maybe a cute puppy! Well, say no more because your vacation dream is about to come true.

Potcake Place is a dog rescue charity on the tiny Caribbean island Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. The rescue charity lets visitors bring puppies to the nearby beaches for a fun walk and playdate. My heart is melting.

Jane Parker-Rauw founded Potcake Place in 1997 when she noticed how many stray puppies were on the island. She also noticed how shy the puppies were around people, so in 2010, she started puppy socialization walks. These walks let tourists and locals hang out with puppies for a few hours a day and they work.

Parker-Rauw told BuzzFeed that so many puppies overcome their anxiety and shyness, “We have found these short puppy excursions to be invaluable to the puppy’s development,” Parker-rauw said. “We have seen hundreds of times a very shy puppy just excel and develop over a short time this way. It’s lovely.”

Potcake Place gives each guest a puppy beach bag that has everything they need. There’s food, treats, toys and water with a bowl. Each puppy has a harness, collar and leash that must be worn at all times. The walks have to be in the morning before the sand gets too hot. During the tourist season, the wait for a pup is long, but other times you can just walk in and get a puppy for a few hours.

But no matter what, these walks are for the puppies’ benefits and not just for a great Instagram photo. But if you do happen to take a cute picture with the pup no one will be mad if you post it, just a little jealous.

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