This Celeb Dad Is Fighting Gender Stereotypes For His Daughter

Harry Judd, McFly’s drummer, is a great dad to his one-year-old daughter Lola. He is constantly posting the most adorable photos of himself with his daughter.

Ugh, just so cute!

This video of Lola on his drum set is too much for me.

It’s pretty clear that Harry is an awesome dad to his daughter. Once he posted his most recent Instagram photo, people officially labeled him as the official #dadgoals. In his post, he wrote about hearing another father make a sexist comment towards his son. “Overheard some guy telling his son to stop screaming like a girl,” Harry said. “A comment I’d never given a second thought until today.”

This made him think about all the other gendered comments that exist and the implication that makes doing anything ‘like a girl’ seen as a negative. “All I could think was what will Lola say when she understands what he said? Probably ‘What’s wrong with screaming like a girl Daddy?'”

Harry already has his response ready for this day, “I’ll tell her that there’s nothing wrong with screaming like a girl and that it’s actually a compliment because girls are awesome.” YAS HARRY.

When the time comes (and it is inevitable because the patriarchy is strong), Harry will definitely be a guiding light for his daughter.

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