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This Celeb Dad Is Fighting Gender Stereotypes For His Daughter


Harry Judd, McFly’s drummer, is a great dad to his one-year-old daughter Lola. He is constantly posting the most adorable photos of himself with his daughter.

Bedtime Stories 🙌🏽 #eachpeachpearplum

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Ugh, just so cute!

My little sea urchin ❤️

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This video of Lola on his drum set is too much for me.

🤘🏽 #drummergirl

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It’s pretty clear that Harry is an awesome dad to his daughter. Once he posted his most recent Instagram photo, people officially labeled him as the official #dadgoals. In his post, he wrote about hearing another father make a sexist comment towards his son. “Overheard some guy telling his son to stop screaming like a girl,” Harry said. “A comment I’d never given a second thought until today.”

This made him think about all the other gendered comments that exist and the implication that makes doing anything ‘like a girl’ seen as a negative. “All I could think was what will Lola say when she understands what he said? Probably ‘What’s wrong with screaming like a girl Daddy?'”

Harry already has his response ready for this day, “I’ll tell her that there’s nothing wrong with screaming like a girl and that it’s actually a compliment because girls are awesome.” YAS HARRY.

When the time comes (and it is inevitable because the patriarchy is strong), Harry will definitely be a guiding light for his daughter.

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