Harry Styles Is The King Of Lush Bath Bombs








Harry Styles loves the color pink. In his Rolling Stone article he talked about the color, he wore a pink suit on his Today show gig and his album art is of him in a milky pink bath.

Styles’ devoted fanbase decided that his album art was created thanks to Lush’s famous bath bombs and it seems like they were right. Lush UK Twitter said that “if you mix Think Pink with Milky Bath you’d get a similar color…minus the damp pop star sadly though.” Ugh, a bath bomb that comes with Harry Styles, we can only dream.

But now the cosmetic line is confirming that Styles did, in fact, use one (or a combination) of their bath bombs to achieve his iconic album art. Lush told Popsugar that they sent the singer 100 of their Sex Bomb bath bombs.

In their tweet to Styles they said, “To Harry, from one sex bomb to another, Love Lush.”

Not only am I jealous because of the free bath bombs, but I’m upset about the fact that Styles will be soaking in a pink bath and we won’t get photos. Bless our timelines Harry and post a picture of you using your present.

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