Airline Allegedly Forced Female Job Applicants To Take Pregnancy Tests

United Airlines officially has some competition in the arena of airline scandals. We all remember United asking one of their passengers to give up his seat on an overbooked flight. This just in, Iberia Airlines actually made their prospective employees take a pregnancy test as part of their job applications.


Iberia Airlines defended their case by saying that the odd request was just a safety precaution. There are health risks for flying in the third trimester, so using that as an excuse, Iberia continued to follow the same policy until recently.

Unsurprisingly, a large amount of backlash has surrounded the controversy and as a result, the airline decided to eliminate the pregnancy test rule. Iberia’s health and safety officer stated, “Given the controversy, arising from the current protocol in place to protect pregnant women, we will no longer include a pregnancy test in the medical examination for new hires.”

Making a woman take a pregnancy test to decide if she is a fit candidate for a job is just wrong. The airline has a valid point that flying can be unsafe during the third trimester, but so can many other things. Women don’t get carded at the liquor store and then subsequently asked to prove that they aren’t pregnant. There are also many laws protecting the privacy of those who are pregnant and women’s rights in workplaces.

Luckily, the controversy was enough to force the airline to eliminate their absurd policy. Who will be next in the string of airline scandals?

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