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Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Drug Use Rumors After Suspicious Snapchat Photo


Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy and rumors. We’ve heard about her surrogate, a secret affair and a robbery that some people think she faked, all of them being allegations that Kim herself usually doesn’t even bother to clarify.

Recently, Kardashian was the subject of a scandal after posting a video on Snapchat. Eagle-eyed followers noticed several white lines resembling those of bumps of cocaine in the background and responded with screenshots.

Kardashian clarified quickly, communicating her disdain for drugs and explaining that the stains were from some sugary treats.

Kardashian’s friend Chrissy Teigen also defended her, though many responders were skeptical.

We’ll admit that this isn’t exactly the most common candy mess, but Kim Kardashian has always been vocal about her lack of drug use. She’s known for passing up on partying and doesn’t drink. It really wouldn’t make sense either way, so many of her followers and fans were confused.

Luckily, Kardashian investigated and came to a much more realistic conclusion about the strange stain.

Because we live in an age of receipts, Kardashian provided a video to go along with her solution.

Well, we’re glad that’s all cleared up. We live in an age of Kardashian rumors, scandals and feuds, so don’t count on this being the last of the controversies.

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