The Top 10 Laziest Countries In The World As Of 2017

Recently, scientists conducted research using smartphone data (courtesy of the Argus app), getting info from over 700,000 people and using the data to show which countries are the fittest and which ones are trailing behind… Literally.

Ever wonder if your country is considered lazy? Take a look below to figure it out.

Who Is In The Lead?

In the lead are the residents of Hong Kong, who walk an average of 6,88 steps a day. That’s an average of three and a half miles every single day! On the contrary is Indonesia, which appears to be the laziest country in the world. According to the study’s researchers, they only walk an average of 3,513 steps a day.

In the middle of the two is the U.S. and the U.K. Residents of the United States walk an average of 4,774 steps daily, while people in the United Kingdom average around 5,444 steps.

Average Daily Steps Worldwide

So, what is the average number of daily steps worldwide? The data came back with an average of 4,961 daily steps taken. There are quite a few of countries who fall below that line, including the U.S., Greece and Brazil. However, more countries than not are above that estimated amount, which includes Israel, France, Sweden and China.

“The study is 1,000 times larger than any previous study on human movement,” Scott Delp, the bioengineering professor behind the research findings, claims. He also states that this new research will be able to open many new doors in the science world and at a much larger scale.

Are Daily Steps Significant To Obesity Levels?

While it may be a bit of a surprise, the findings of the average daily steps in each country have no significant impact on the country’s obesity. In order to have a better idea of the obesity levels in each country, the researchers stated that “the bigger the gap between the two sets of people, the more obese people who lived in the country.”

Top 10 Laziest Countries

  1. Indonesia – 3,513 Daily Steps
  2. Saudi Arabia – 3,807
  3. Malaysia – 3,963
  4. Philippines – 4,008
  5. South Africa – 4,105
  6. Qatar – 4,158
  7. Brazil – 4,289
  8. India – 4,297
  9. Egypt – 4,315
  10. Greece – 4,350

Do you see your country? Step it up!

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