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This Couple Is ‘The Notebook’ In Real Life


Daily Mail/Cater News Agency

Being married for 65 years is an incredible feat, but still being so in love with that same person is just heartwarming.

Ruby and Harold Coleman got married in 1952. They have five children, seven grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. Ruby, 89, suffers from dementia and even though it has worsened over the years, she has never forgotten who her soulmate is.

Daily Mail/Cater News Agency

The adorable couple just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary and had photographs taken to commiserate their love and adoration. The photos will make your heart melt.

Daily Mail/Cater News Agency

The photographer, Megan Vaughn, also took pictures of the couple five years ago for their 60th wedding anniversary. She said that the first round of photographs turned out so well and she fell so in love with the couple that she insisted they take another round of photos for their 65th anniversary.

Daily Mail/Cater News Agency

Even though Harold, 90, is retired and Ruby is sick, they still do fun things together. Harold’s passion is gardening, he says he does it for himself and Ruby. Any leftover produce that he has from the garden, he brings to the local homeless shelter.

Ruby and Harold’s love story is so touching, and what makes it even better than a movie like The Notebook is that it’s happening in real life. Congrats to the Colemans!

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