Candice Jackson Apologizes For Statements About Sexual Assault Survivors


If you thought that the Educations Department’s civil rights chief would have a better understanding of campus sexual assault and more sympathy for survivors, think again! It turns out that the person in charge of discussing the rights of survivors is much less educated than you’d ever think she could be.

Candice Jackson said some irresponsible, incorrect and just plain terrible things about campus sexual assault in her New York Times interview. Jackson, who said she is a sexual assault survivor herself, thinks that the Title IX rules don’t account for those accused of sexual assault and the associated crimes, which is a fair point because our country operates on a basis of innocent until proven guilty.

Though this prior statement was correct, Jackson then went on to say that “The accusations – 90 percent of them – fall into the category of ‘we were both drunk,’ ‘we broke up, and six months later I found myself under a Title IX investigation because she just decided that our last sleeping together was not quite right.'”


Are you kidding me? Rape culture on campus is a very serious problem and for the person in charge to think that most people are lying or that being drunk nullifies rape is just infuriating.

For starters, being intoxicated means that consent was unable to be given. Also, most rapes aren’t reported because the legal system doesn’t generally help or validate sexual assault survivors. A survey in 2015 by the Association of America Universities found that one in four women said they have been sexually assaulted.

Campus sexual assault is no joke and for Jackson to think 90% of the cases are just lies or no big deal is insulting to survivors and victims. She later released an apology, saying, “I would never seek to diminish anyone’s experience…What I said was flippant, and I am sorry.”

Rape culture on campus needs to be taken seriously, especially by those in charge.

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