This Girl Is Campaigning For ‘Despacito’ To The Become The Song Of Summer 2017

There is no denying that “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is a bop. It’s definitely in the running for the title of the song of the summer. Some people might be sick of hearing the catchy Latin song, but not Niana Guerrero. The Filipino schoolgirl loves “Despacito” so much that no matter where she’s at, she will pop, lock and drop it to the song as soon as it comes on.

Her brother Ranz knows that Niana is a diehard “Despacito” fan and decided to have some fun. He plays the song while running errands, grocery shopping, eating noodles and picking Niana up from school. Every time Niana stops what she’s doing and breaks into a dance. Even with a mouthful of noodles in the middle of a restaurant, she throws her hands up and starts dancing around. The video is so funny.

Niana is an amazing dancer. Her YouTube channel is filled with funny dance and music videos. She has 1 million subscribers and her brother just hit 2 million. Fonsi and Daddy Yankee should bring this girl on tour. She makes a strong case for “Despacito” to be the song of the summer.

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