WATCH: A Girl Destroyed $200,000 Worth of Art Because She Wanted to Take a Selfie

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I always knew selfies were bad news.

I don’t know why, but the only time you’ll find me taking a selfie is when I’m very, very drunk or checking out the Snapchat filters. But nothing makes me more inexplicably enraged when people selfie in the middle of the sidewalk or in a public place that isn’t a bar or a frat basement.

And this video proves my point.

A woman was trying to get a selfie with art by British-born artist Simon Birch at the 14th Factory gallery in Los Angeles. And everything went very wrong.

She fell into one column holding the artwork, causing a domino effect that sent the whole row falling.


A spokeswoman for The 14th Factory told Fox News that three sculptures were permanently destroyed with others partially damaged, causing about $200,000 in damage.

“There has been speculation whether this really happened or is a PR stunt. The truth is, the event did happen and it was caught on our security camera,” the spokesperson said.

Selfie with caution, people.

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