Twitter Chose The Cast For The ‘Hocus Pocus’ Reboot & It Is SO Good

Fans have been crying for a remake of Hocus Pocus ever since rumors started surfacing about a sequel to the classic 1993 movie.

One fan, a Twitter user named Persephone, recast the movie, giving it a whole new plot and sprinkling in a whole of Black girl magic. Imagine this: Instead of Salem, the reboot would take place in New Orleans, Louisiana and would include creole culture. Instead of the three witches being Salem witches, they would haveย been Voodoo Queens.

Persephone has stirred up excitement with her plot alone, but her cast is definitely the best part.

The three Voodoo queens would be played by Tariji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae. Chance the Rapper would play the role of Max,ย Quvenzhanรฉ Wallis would play Max’s little sister Dani and Zendaya would take up the role as Allison. Kendrick Lamar would voice Thackery Binx. Someone even suggested Kevin Hart playing the role of Billy Butcherson, the zombie.

Of course, the rest of Twitter had to get in on the hype and share their love for the recasting.

The original film was premiered back in 1993 and was centered around the Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. We’re definitely here for this reboot and the new plot. It might even be better than the first!

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