Mariah Carey’s Unenthusiastic Dance Moves Are Kind Of Relatable

We love Mariah Carey for her unforgettable singing voice, but the same can’t be said for her dancing skills.

During her most recent concert, Mariah is seen delivering a less-than-stellar dance performance in a tight-fitting pink bodysuit. The video quickly went viral. I know she’s no Beyonce, but there’s just no energy at all there! She’s barely even moving her hips! After a few arm swings and shoulder shakes, Mariah gets picked up by one of the backup dancers and almost smiles awkwardly at the audience.

I get it. She’s a singer above all else and, frankly, I wouldn’t be mad if she just made an official statement about her dancing. But this performance was a bit too lazy in my opinion, especially when you think about how much people pay just to watch her lip sync and sway awkwardly. Even her dancers couldn’t salvage her odd attempts at dancing.

If you thought my reaction was a little over the top, wait until you check Twitter. As always, Twitter always delivers some of the best reactions to celebrity news. Here are some of our favorites:

Is this the beginning of a new meme? I can get on board.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Mariah to death. I still belt out her tunes in the shower and you can’t tell me you haven’t done that at least once before. But ever since her infamous New Year’s lip sync stunt, Mariah’s performances haven’t been the same.

Many have reached out to Mariah and her representatives for comments on her performance, but so far there are no replies.

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