Catfish Checklist: Are You Being Catfished?

Let’s face it: online dating is inevitable now. At first, saying you met someone on Tinder was an embarrassing admission. But now, dating apps are the norm. If you didn’t meet on Bumble then where did you meet, really?

The only downside to online dating is that maybe you matched with someone who isn’t exactly who they say they are. Catfishers have become more sneaky with their methods and deceptions because now they need more than just a Facebook profile or a simple photo to get by.

Luckily, there are some foolproof warning signs. If the guy you’re dating has done at least four of these six things then sweetie, you’re probably getting catfished.

He doesn’t have an Instagram.

kim Kardashian single

Whatever excuse he gives you as to why he doesn’t have a profile is bogus. It’s 2017 and everyone has Instagram. If he does have a profile but it doesn’t have any selfies or photos of him, then I would be concerned. Hundreds of sunset and food pictures are not going to cut it nowadays. He may be hiding something, like who he really is. We all know Kim Kardashian loves reality show drama, so you should just pull a Kim K. and sign up for Catfish right now. Kimmy would be proud.

He won’t start a Snapchat streak.


This may seem unimportant, but trust me, it’s vital. Snapchat is a crucial method of communication for us ~millennials~ and having a streak with someone is the equivalent to being in someone’s top eight MySpace friends. If your man is making a big fuss about Snapchatting and starting a streak then he’s probably catfishing you. He knows blurry “streak” photos every morning won’t cut it. You better drop this man and focus on your streaks with your friends.

He gives you no details about his life.

heidi Montag dating

How much do you know about your “boyfriend”? Would you win an old-fashioned newlywed game? Do you even know his middle name!? If you’re answering no to all of these questions and racking your brain for any detail about your bae then you’re in trouble. Giving you no details about his life means he’s trying to keep you a secret or hide who he really is from you. Grab your sidekick like Heidi Montag and break it off, sis.

He deflects all of your questions.

the hills

Maybe you’re still in denial about being catfished. So what you don’t know anything about your man? Now is a great time to start getting to know him. When you start asking him personal questions and he dodges them like he’s White Goodman from Dodgeball, that is a red flag. If he’s being vague when answering questions about his hobbies and passions then RUN. Who the heck is this guy? Probably not who he says he is. Seems like a job for Nev and the rest of the Catfish crew.

He’s been caught lying.

sex in the city

In general, lying is a huge relationship no-no, but if your relationship is purely internet-based then cue the Kill Bill siren. Why is he already lying to you? You two haven’t even met yet! It seems suspicious and for good reason. This guy has sketchy written all over him.

He’s a flake.

unbreakable jimmy schmidt

You’ve never met up in real life. He’ll make plans with you, cancel at the last second, apologize profusely and then say “maybe next time.” Here’s the catch: there will never be a next time because this guy is definitely fake. A fake and a flake. Literally the worst combination. Cut the cord because you’re definitely being catfished.

If you’re still in denial that your dream man is a fake after this handy checklist, sign up for Catfish and let the professionals take care of it.

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