20-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Falls 150 Feet To Her Death

A day exploring the beach with friends went terribly wrong for one California girl.

Jennifer Diaz-Ocampo was standing only a foot away from the edge of a cliff when she died. The 20-year-old was trying to access Davenport Beach with her friends on Monday when the cliff she was standing on gave way and crumbled beneath her.

Jennifer was there with her friend when she fell 150 feet onto a remote beach. Her friends were horrified when she fell and quickly tried to get to her. Some of her friends climbed down the cliff and ended up covered in cuts while others were swimming to reach her.

Once a lifeguard reached Jennifer, she was still responsive. A helicopter airlifted her to the nearest hospital where she died.

Her friends are sharing her stories and remembering her on Facebook saying how sweet and outgoing she was. It’s a tragedy and we’re thinking of her friends and family, particularly those who were present during the accident.