Mickey Mouse Helped Surprise Two Kids On Their Adoption Day

It’s easy to say that Disney and Mickey Mouse have been bringing love and joy to thousands since 1928. The big Mouse has been helping couples with engagements, delivering special messages to family members for years but this special surprise has to be his greatest yet. Foster parents Tom and Courtney Gilmour brought their foster children, Janielle (12 years old) and Elijah (10 years old) to Disney for the first time. While on their trip, the siblings were told that they were going to get a special autograph session with Mickey Mouse. The reason behind the autograph session is too adorable.

Mickey had more than a magical moment to share with them. He entertained the siblings with a card trick and a few jokes during photos before revealing the big news. Mickey’s assistant held up a sign saying, “Your Adoption Day Will Be May 24th, 2017.” The siblings, as well as everyone else in the room, broke down with tears and emotions at the date of their official adoption and the happiness of the new family.

“Disney offered a special meet and greet with Mickey so he could let them know their adoption date,” Courtney wrote on Facebook. “The kids had no idea any of this was happening. They just thought they were getting their books signed. This went better than we had hoped. They were beyond shocked and we were beyond emotional. We were very lucky to have Aunt Vicki there to film it! *side note* have tissues when watching PURE DISNEY MAGIC!”

She’s right, the tissues need to be on hand for this one. So touching.

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