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After NSFW Video Hits Twitter, Bella Thorne Fires Back


A very NSFW video allegedly of Bella Thorne is causing a huge commotion on Twitter.

The video, which circulated late Thursday night, depicts a girl that several Twitter users claim is Bella Thorne masturbating and moaning several explicit phrases, including mention of a father.

The footage, of which the origins are unclear, left hundreds of Twitter users reaction in various manners, expressing everything from disgust to a desire to protect Thorne to a sort of strange realization that women also have sexual urges. As Bella Thorne began trending, several curious Twitter users checked out the footage (which is credited with a watermark to a user named “@uglyclit”) and gave their own takes on the video.

Whether or not the video is actually of Thorne, leaking and distributing private photos and videos of someone else is not only highly detrimental to their possible wellbeing, it’s also a crime by some states’ laws. If the video originated out of spite, its distributor could be charged with revenge porn in California.

Thorne has most recently made headlines as the alleged girlfriend of Scott Disick, as well as for her recent admissions about her relationships with Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey.

She has been the center of controversy for her dating habits and eccentric behavior, but no matter who she is, who she dates, or how much skin she shows it is imperative to always remember that nobody deserves or should have their private, intimate conversations, photos or videos leaked.


Thorne tweeted about video, denying that she is the subject of the footage.

Thorne also slammed users for making light of her father’s passing.

Twitter users are also saying the audio in the video is actually doctored based on another Snapchat in which she says, “I need a FROTHER.”

In the end, Bella Thorne could pursue possible action against the creator of the video if it’s proven that it was created out of malice. Honestly, we’re hoping that, no matter how you feel about Bella Thorne, you can recognize that she is the victim in this situation (even if the video was real) and deserves to explore her options when it comes to ridding herself of this scandal.

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